Why do my JBL headphones Keep turning Off?

JBL is one of the most popular headphone brands which provides excellent quality products at very competitive pricing.

The products of JBL are impressive and made with high-quality materials but plenty of users face the problem with their JBL headphones that the JBL headphones keep turning off. If you’re one of them then you’re at the right place.

Just stuck with this discussion and we’ll suggest the best solution which helps you to identify the reason for JBL turning off problems and also help to get the best possible solution for it.

Reasons for JBL Headphones keep turning Off?

There can be multiple reasons but some of the major reasons which generally occurs this issue are

  • Battery draining. 
  • Connectivity issues.
  • Disconnecting with Bluetooth.

Battery Draining

If your device battery is low and you still use the device and turn it on plenty of times then there is a high possibility that your JBL headphone will get turbines off automatically.

People generally forget to change their headphones from time to time and enjoy the continuous use of headphones, due to this the battery percentage becomes very low and because of this, your JBL headphones keep turning off.

Connectivity issue

If your device is connected with your device but your device crosses the range of headphones then the device gets disconnected and if the device will not get connected in minutes with any of the devices then it will get automatically turned off.

Note:-   If you’re in the range of Bluetooth then also you may face this issue. This is because some of the available substances like furniture, box, wall, and any other thing may interrupt the Bluetooth connectivity of your device.

Disconnecting with Bluetooth

The problem of headphones kept turning off may derive from the device being unable to pair with your device. If any of the headphones didn’t have any connected pair for a long time then they turned off after a couple of minutes. This happens because plenty of headphones are energy efficient and they automatically turn off when using any device for a long time.

These are the most common reasons which may cause the error in JBL headphones that keep turning off. 

Solutions to General connectivity issues

If you’ve identified the issue and the issue identified is a general issue then the problem can be solved easily by putting some measures which are listed below:-

  • Check the battery percentage of the device and change your headphone if the battery of your headphone is low.
  • If you’re far away from the device then go near it or ensure to wear the headphone whenever you use them for consistent connectivity.
  • Play Music or stream a video, don’t leave your Bluetooth alone. Use it and do anything. So, Bluetooth connectivity will be maintained.

If your issue is general then it can be easily solved following the above-discussed measure but if the issue is something else then we suggest you reset your headset.

How to reset your JBL headphones?

When you reset your JBL headphone then there is a higher chance that the issue of turning off and on gets solved easily. Before going to reset your device we suggest you check the solution that we have discussed above.

So, you have to check battery percentage, bluetooth connectivity, and range. Make sure that your headphone is fully charged, with no error in bluetooth connectivity, and ensure that you’re sitting closer to the device.

If everything is good and while wearing the headphones you feel constantly losing audio then resetting the device is the only option you have. Let’s see the steps below:-

  • Play the Power button and Play button simultaneously for around 1 minute.
  • After doing this activity for 1 minute, try to turn on the headphone.

If the headphone gets turned back on automatically the issue is not solved yet. In this situation, you have to use another method to reset your device.

  • Hold the Volume + and Volume – buttons for 5 seconds and try to back on the headphone.
  • If the issue is not solved they repeat this process for around 1 minute.

This will solve the issue of JBL keep turning off and on the issue in your JBL headphone.

What if the issue is not get solved?

If the issue in your JBL headphones is still not solved then there is a high chance that your JBL headphones have a higher rate of bugs.

If the bug is not very large then the reset process removes them.

But, bigger software bugs and malfunctions may impact your device if the issue is not solved after applying the suggested solutions.

If you wanna solve this issue and your device is in the warranty period then contact the JBL after-sales services or customer support and apply to replace your product.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Why does this issue occur in my JBL headphones?

When your JBL headphones start having sound issues while using them there is a high chance of having a software bug.

This might be a manufacturing defect.  So, if your product is in a warranty period then replace your product by contacting the after-sales service and customer support of JBL.

What would I do if my device had a Turning on and off issue?

Firstly, check whether your battery strength is good or not. After that, check whether your headphone is connected to the device or not.

If all the things are accurate and still you have this issue then reset your device. If the issue is still not solved then contact the customer support of JBL.

What if I don’t have any warranty on my JBL device?

We suggest you try the reset process 2-3 times in different time intervals and if the issue gets solved then it’s good but if not then you have to buy new headphones for yourself. 


Here we discussed the possible causes and their solutions that help you to get rid of the issue of JBL headphones turning off.

All the suggested issues are 100% safe and tested. So, just go and fix the JBL Device in minutes now.

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