Why are my beats headphones so quiet?

People who are using Beats headphones are facing issues with low volume on their devices.

Well, if you’re one of them then you’re at the right place. Let us tell you that this issue is not specified for Beats headphones.

This issue can be seen in any of the headphone brands. We’re targeting Beats headphones and are going to analyze the real cause and tell you the best possible solutions to get rid of this issue. So, let’s start.

Why are my Beats headphones so quiet?

There are multiple reasons which cause the issue of low sound output in the Beats headphones.

Some of the most common issues are listed below.

Limited volume

If the volume of your device is low and this is inbuilt then your beats headphones also sound low.

This is the reason why you can do nothing. If your device volume is low by default then when you use your Beats headphones connected to this device you feel a low-quality sound.

The only solution regarding this issue is to replace the mobile device and connect your device with a mobile that has a loud volume.

Battery Issue

If your battery is not enough so that the headphones work properly then the volume of your headphone might be low.

Outer environment

The outer environment plays an important role which impacts your user experience.

The low volume of your Beats headphones is happening because you’re using your headphones in a noisy place.

The outer noise places an impact on your ear and the volume of your beat’s headphones becomes low.

Damaged products

If your product is damaged and you’ll get damaged faulty headphones then this might be possible that the headphone is not working properly and it is also possible that the level of sound quality turns lower.

Sound Setting

If your wound settings are low then also you feel a comparatively lower sound than before in your beats headphones.

Every device attains several sound seething and some of the devices allow the user to have configurations in it for a better sound experience.

If you’ve set it to low volume then it might be possible that the quality of your Beats headphones is low.

We have discussed all the possible reasons which may cause the issue of beating headphones’ quiet sound. It’s to have a look at the best possible solutions available to get rid of this issue.

How to get rid of Beats headphones’ low sound issues?

As we have discussed the issues, we have researched this issue concerning decortweaks.com. We’ve identified the best possible solutions which solve the issue of low volume in your Beats headphones.

Volume Settings

Put the volume settings higher, if your device sound setting is set to low by default. You just have to visit the settings and go into the “sound” section. Under this, you’ll get the ring column setting. Swipe it and set the volume settings too high.

You can also use the Volume button to enhance the volume of your device. So, use it and solve the issue of beating headphone volume.

Ask for a replacement.

If you get damaged products from the shop or manufacturer then do complain about the issue in their product to their customer support service and after-sales services officials. Ensure the replacement of your product and get a new one.

Factory reset of Beats headphone

Factory reset is a simple and short solution to get rid of this issue. For factory reset, you have to press the headphone command button for a long time.

The headphone will automatically get reset and once the factory reset process is completed then back on it.

After completing this setting, there is a higher chance that the issue of low volume in the Beat headphones gets solved and you’ll get a good level of sound quality from the headphones.

Charge your earbuds

If the battery of the headphone is low and you’re facing the issue of low-volume sound quality while using the headphone then put your headphone in charging once the headphone is charged then back it on and check whether the sound quality improved or not.

Ensure better Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth is the best connectivity option when you have to connect your headphones for getting the best sound quality.

But, the range of bluetooth is not very wide, and due to this sometimes when the user crosses the range of bluetooth connectivity then the volume of the headphones might be low.

Ensure your availability near the headphone and make sure that you’re playing music in it otherwise, your headphone will automatically turn off.

So, these are the best possible solutions that let you away from the issue of Low volume in the Beats headphones.

So, if you’re facing the issue of low volume in headphones then use the above-discussed solutions and enjoy an uninterrupted experience with high-quality Beats headphones.


Why are my headphones so quiet?

There are multiple reasons. It might be possible that your headphones got stuck with ear wax, have issues with connectivity, have low volume settings, have any dirt, or have grime.

Any of the reasons impact the volume settings so that you feel that your headphones are quiet.

Are Beats Headphones worth it?

Beats is one of the best brands of headphones and this company provides tremendous design, sound quality, and durability in their products. So, Yes it is durable.

How to increase the volume of Beats headphones?

Click on the Beats sound application available on your mobile device. Now, scroll down, press and hold the volume control option and click on it.

In the volume section tap left and right to check the volume level in your Beats headphones. Make the volume up on both sides and check the level of volume by playing a song.


We have discussed the best possible solutions which help you to solve the low-volume issue regarding the Beat headphone.

So, just go and solve the issue of Beat headphone’s low volume and enjoy your time with your headphones

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