Which are more comfortable headphones or earphones?

This is one of the most debatable among the audience, which is better a Headphone or earphones when we consider the aspect of comfort.

Well, this question is debatable because people who use headphones voted for headphones and claim that headphones are more comfortable than earphones but people who use earphones, claimed that earphones are more comfortable than headphones.

If you’re also confused then just read this discussion and you’ll get an unbiased, and tested answer about r which are more comfortable headphones or earphones.

Facts to know about Headphones and earphones?

To get the exact and unbiased answer to the question, we should have discussed some facts which may protect you from future consequences.

There are a few facts discussed below that you should know and take care of while using earbuds or headphones.

  • The capacity of the human ear to hear sound with no health consequences is around the range of 70 decibels.
  • The normal conversation average done between 2 parties is 60 Decibels.
  • If a human hears a sound of more than 70 decibels for a long time it may cause serious hearing issues.
  • 85 Decibels of sound is quite enough to provide permanent hearing damage.
  • The maximum sound limit which a headphone attains is between the range of 85 dB to 110 dB.
Note:- plenty of flagship phones and currently introduced smartphones have a feature that alerts you when you increase your voice and reach the safe limit. If your phone has this feature then to protect your ears from future consequences, you just have to use headphones or earbuds below the limit.

Which are more comfortable headphones or earphones?

We have discussed the facts which make you alert about the music levels which you have to maintain while using the headphone or earphones.

Now, we’re going to discuss some points which help to get the answer of which one is safer and more comfortable.

Safety aspect

Headphones are quite safer as compared to earbuds. This is because the earbuds directly reach the eardrum of your ear in this way, if someone plays a sound and makes it loud then earbuds place a huge negative impact on the year.

The speakers of the headphones are quite away from your ear and this is why they’re safe and comfortable.


When we talk about the comfort level of headphones or earphones then we must point out that earbuds are lightweight and some of the headphones available are very heavy.

In the aspect of comfort through lightweight, earbuds win the race.  they’re also easy to carry and you can put them easily in your pocket.

Headphones are comparatively heavier as compared to earbuds and they’re difficult to carry when you’re not using them.


Earbuds are very comfortable in case of portability. You can easily put your buds in their case and they’re safe.

You can easily bring them anywhere by just putting them in your pocket. Headphones are not comfortable to carry anywhere.

You have to either wear it all the time or put it in a safe place so that there is no chance of body damage from headphones.

Earbuds are in a small case and that’s why they can handle pressure while traveling but in the case of headphones they’re not that friendly when we talk about portability.

Wearing experience

Headphones are bulky and you feel a weight whenever you wear them for a long time. Earbuds are lightweight and can easily get fitted into your ears.

You can wear them for a long time without any worry.

Also, the fitting of earbuds is much better and more comfortable compared to headphones. Earbuds are also comfortable while pursuing sports activities.

Ear and Neck Pain

Earbuds win the game again. If you wear the headphone for a long time then the cushions of the headphone start hurting your ear bones.

But in the case of earbuds you can easily use them for a comparatively long time (See Note 2).

Note:- Yes, wearing earphones or headphones indeed gives you a comfortable and immersive sound experience but this may cause serious hearing issues for a long time. We strongly suggest you use headphones and earbuds for no more than 2 hours.

After having a comparative study discussion we can easily conclude that both devices have their benefits and their drawbacks but when we compare both devices in the aspect of comfort then Earbuds are more convenient. Well, Earbuds are not a clear winner because this has enhanced the level of hearing risk in your ears for a long time. If you want comfort then by using earbuds you’ll exactly get it but it is only safe when used conveniently.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Q. Are over-ear headphones more comfortable than on-ear headphones?

Yes, Headphones indeed are much better than on-ear headphones.

This is because when you use Over ear headphones then you don’t have to worry about the which goes directly to your eardrum which happens in the case of on-ear headphones.

So, yes it is true that Over ear headphones are more comfortable than on-ear headphones.

Q. Which is better: headphones or Earbuds?

Well, both products have their legacy, benefits, and drawbacks too. So, which device is better depends totally upon the customers.

If you are a person who loves sports activity and looking for a device which he can wear anywhere then earbuds will be a good choice for them.

But if you’re a person who has a YouTube channel or has some professional freelance work then having headphones will be a better option for you. When we talk about the aspect of comfort then Earbuds are more comfortable.


So, here we discussed the detailed and unbiased comparison between headphones and earbuds. They both are great products on specified fields but when we compare them in terms of comfort then we experience that earbuds win the race.

So, if you are confused about what to buy to get a great music experience with comfort then earbuds are for you to buy don’t use them for too long.

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