What headphones does georgenotfound use?

GeorgeNotFound is a relatively most entertainer streamer and Youtuber compared to other streamers we have looked at on the site.

George started his career as a Youtuber in 2019 and has been steadily gaining popularity since then.

Today we talk about GeorgeNotFound and what headphones he uses.

Who is Georgenotfound?

GeorgeNotFound is a YouTuber from the United Kingdom born on November 1, 1996. He is 26 years old and originally from London.

His content consists mostly of Minecraft gameplay, but he also streams other games on occasion.

George is known for his high energy and positive attitude, which has led to him amassing a large amount of 10.5 followers of dedicated fans.

What headphones does Georgenotfound use?

Georgenotfound is known for his love of gaming and his stylish taste. So what headphones does Georgenotfound use? The SteelSeries Arctic 7.

The Arctic 7 are sleek, Black headphones that offer great sound quality.

They have a comfortable fit and are perfect for long gaming sessions. Georgenotfound loves the Arctic 7 because they help him focus on his game and block out any outside noise.

If you’re looking for a pair of stylish and comfortable headphones that offer great sound quality, then the SteelSeries Arctic 7 is a perfect choice.

Why did Georgenotfound choose those headphones?

He chooses the SteelSeries Arctic 7. The Arctic 7 has to surround sound and ultra-low distortion audio, making it one of the best choices for gamers.

Georgenotfound knows that when it comes to gaming, having the best audio quality is essential.

That’s why the SteelSeries Arctic 7 is one of his top picks.

How do the headphones perform?

With so many different companies and styles out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.

But if you’re looking for a great pair of headphones that won’t break the bank, Steelseries has covered you with their Arctic line.

These headphones boast excellent build quality and comfort, along with features that are usually only found on more expensive models.

For example, the Arctic’s ear cups are lined with memory foam for a snug and comfortable fit, while its s1 Speaker drivers deliver clear and powerful sound.

And thanks to its detachable microphone, the Arctic is also great for gaming and other online chat applications.

With a 4.9-star rating on Amazon, it’s clear that the Steelseries Arctic 7 is one of the best headphone options.

How did YouTube star GeorgeNotFound get his name?

A wide range of people know him because he plays games but few of them actually know, how he gets the name GeorgeNotFound But how did he get his name?

George first talked about the origin of his name on his stream on June 13, 2020. It was actually Dream who came up with the name GeorgeNotFound.

According to George, Dream had come up with the name when they were both trying to think of words for their new Minecraft servers.

They wanted something that would be easy to remember and catchy, and they eventually settled on GeorgeNotFound.

Interestingly enough, the name GeorgeNotFound actually has a bit of meaning behind it.

“Gogy” George: Why the Name?

George got the nickname Gogy from Sapnap, or at least that’s what Sapnap claims. In one of his videos, George mentioned how this name may have come about.

“Gogy” is a play on George’s last name, which is why Sapnap chose it as his nickname for him. It’s a simple and easy way to remember George, and it has become a part of his online persona.

George doesn’t mind the nickname, and he even uses it himself sometimes.

It’s a friendly way to address someone, and it shows that there’s mutual respect between George and Sapnap.

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What is GeorgeNotFound disability?

George confirmed on Twitter that he has severe protanopia, a condition where the red and green color receptors in the eye don’t work properly.

This means that George sees the world differently from most people – for him, colors appear muted and less bright.


Georgenotfound uses the SteelSeries Arctic 7 headphones. These headphones are great for gaming and have a very clear sound.

If you are looking for a good pair of headphones to use for gaming, then the SteelSeries Arctic 7 headphones are a great option. Hope you find this article helpful.

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