Sennheiser HD 569 vs 599: Which one is better?

Sennheiser HD 569 vs 599 Which one is better

Step into the arena where Sennheiser’s HD 569 and HD 599 headphones go head-to-head, each championing a unique listening experience.

The HD 569, with its closed-back design, promises a personal music sanctuary, perfect for those seeking solitude in sound. Meanwhile, the HD 599 opens up a world where music feels boundless, designed for those who want their sound to soar.

Which side will you choose in this duel of privacy versus openness? The answer lies in what you seek from your sonic adventure.

Sennheiser HD 569

Sennheiser HD 569

  • Superior noise isolation with closed-back design.
  • High-quality audio with Sennheiser transducers.
  • Detachable cables with in-line mic for control.
  • Immersive sound with E.A.R technology.
  • Extended comfort with plush cushions.

Why is Sennheiser HD 569 better than Sennheiser HD 599?

  1. Noise Isolation: Closed-back design provides effective noise isolation, making it suitable for noisy environments.
  2. In-line Microphone: Includes a cable with an in-line microphone for calls and music control, adding convenience.
  3. Versatility: Better suited for a wider range of environments due to its noise-isolating capabilities.
  4. Cost-Effective: Generally more affordable, offering good value for those on a budget.

Why is Sennheiser HD 599 better than Sennheiser HD 569?

Sennheiser HD 599

Sennheiser HD 599

  • Audiophile-grade sound with minimal distortion.
  • Luxurious, long-wear comfort.
  • Dual cables for home and portable use.
  • Premium ivory design with matte finish.
  • Open-back for spatial sound experience.

  1. Sound Quality: Open-back design delivers superior audiophile sound with a more natural and spacious soundstage.
  2. Comfort: Padded headband and luxurious velour covered ear pads ensure long listening sessions with no pressure on the ears.
  3. Aesthetic Design: Timeless design with ivory color, matte finish, and quality materials convey premium quality at first glance.
  4. High Impedance: Higher impedance (50 ohms) potentially offers a better dynamic range with high-quality amplifiers or audio equipment.

Headphones comparison table

FeatureSennheiser HD 569Sennheiser HD 599Score (out of 10) HD 569Score (out of 10) HD 599
DesignClosed-back, around-earOpen-back, around-ear89
Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired1010
TransducersProprietary Sennheiser 38mm, 23 ohmSennheiser engineered, aluminum voice coils99
Ear PadsSoft, replaceable, plush velourLuxurious velour covered, perfect for long sessions99
Cables Included3m detachable with 6.3mm jack, 1.2m with 3.5mm jack (with mic)3m detachable with 6.3mm jack, 1.2m with 3.5mm jack109
Noise IsolationYes, closed-back design provides noise isolationNo, open-back design does not isolate noise96
Sound QualityNatural tonal balance, noise isolationAudiophile sound, premium design and materials810
ComfortExceptional wearing comfort, large ear cupsPadded headband, no pressure on ears during long sessions910
Aesthetic DesignBlackIvory, matte finish with brown stitching and matte metallic detail810
Additional FeaturesIn-line microphone and remote for calls and music controlTimeless design cues convey quality at first glance99

Summary and Overall Score

Sennheiser HD 569: Designed for listeners who need noise isolation without sacrificing sound quality. The inclusion of an in-line microphone adds functionality for calls and music control. Overall Score: 8.9/10

Sennheiser HD 599: Targets audiophiles seeking open-back headphones for a natural and spacious soundstage. The design and materials are premium, making it ideal for extended listening sessions without discomfort. Overall Score: 9.2/10


Both models excel in their respective categories; the HD 569 is more suited for users requiring isolation and multifunctionality, while the HD 599 is tailored for those prioritizing sound quality and comfort in a more controlled environment.

Comfort and design

The HD 569 and HD 599 headphones are like choosing between a cozy room and an airy patio. The HD 569 wraps you up, keeping outside noise out, perfect for when you want your music all to yourself in any setting.

It’s like wearing a comfy, sound-blocking hat. Meanwhile, the HD 599 is like sitting in a spacious room, letting the sound breathe and fill the space around you. It’s all about comfort with a stylish touch, thanks to its soft ear pads and classy ivory look.

So, if you’re into private listening and need to block out the world, the HD 569 is your buddy. But if you’re all for that open, airy sound at home, the HD 599 will not disappoint.


When it comes to the sound of the HD 569 and HD 599, imagine you’re choosing between a private concert and an open amphitheater.

The HD 569, with its closed-back design, keeps your music personal, delivering clear, detailed sounds straight to your ears without letting the outside world in. It’s like listening to your favorite band in a cozy, soundproof room.

The HD 599, on the other hand, opens up the stage, offering a wide, expansive soundstage that makes it feel like you’re sitting in the front row of a concert.

The sounds are more natural, airy, and spread out, giving you the sense of being in a big, open space. If you’re after a more intimate listening experience, the HD 569 has you covered. But if you want to feel the depth and breadth of live music, the HD 599 is the way to go.

Sennheiser HD 569 Pros and Cons


  1. Noise Isolation: Great for listeners in noisy environments who need to block out external sounds.
  2. Versatility: Comes with an in-line microphone, making it suitable for calls and music control.
  3. Comfort: Large ear cups and plush velour ear cushions provide comfort for long listening sessions.
  4. Sound Quality: Offers a natural tonal balance with effective noise isolation.


  1. Soundstage: Closed-back design limits the openness of the soundstage compared to open-back models.
  2. Portability: Bulkier design and lack of foldability may not be ideal for on-the-go use.
  3. Bass: May lack the depth and openness in bass response found in open-back designs.

Who it’s for: Ideal for users needing noise isolation and versatility for both music listening and calls in varied environments.

Who it’s not for: Not for audiophiles seeking the widest, most natural soundstage or those who prefer the airy sound of open-back headphones.

Sennheiser HD 599 Pros and Cons


  1. Sound Quality: Superior audiophile sound with a natural and spacious soundstage.
  2. Comfort: Padded headband and velour ear pads ensure pressure-free listening for hours.
  3. Aesthetic Design: Premium look with ivory color, matte finish, and quality materials.
  4. Open-Back Design: Delivers a more expansive soundstage for a live listening experience.


  1. Noise Isolation: Open-back design does not isolate sound, making it less ideal in noisy settings.
  2. Price: Generally more expensive than closed-back models like the HD 569.
  3. Leakage: May leak sound, which could disturb others nearby at higher volumes.

Who it’s for: Perfect for audiophiles and home listeners who prioritize sound quality and comfort over noise isolation.

Who it’s not for: Not suited for commuting or office use where noise leakage and lack of sound isolation can be problematic.


Choosing between the Sennheiser HD 569 and HD 599 boils down to your listening style. The HD 569 offers intimate, noise-isolated sessions, while the HD 599 opens up a spacious soundstage for an immersive experience. Your perfect match depends on whether you prioritize privacy or openness in your audio adventures.