How to Fix Beats Headphones One Side is Silent? (5 Step)

Try troubleshooting the problem if one side of your Beats headphones has stopped working so you can fix it and both sides resume operating.

The purpose of the following article is to provide you with a few solutions for the problem of one side of your Beats headphones not working.

The high caliber of audio that Beats headphones offer to your ears is well known. They are a little more expensive than the others, but their superior quality makes up for it.

Some customers who purchased these headphones have stated that one side of their Beats headphones is not functioning.

You will be able to hear from both sides with your Beats wireless headphones after fixing the problem, which may have been brought on by a little setting error here or there. Let’s look at all the remedies for Beats Solo 3/2 when one side isn’t functioning.

What can you do?

Fortunately, you have a few options to attempt and resolve this problem. Make sure the headphone jack is first completely plugged into the headphone port. If it isn’t, try re-inserting it and moving it about a little to see if it helps.

The headphone jack should then be cleaned if it doesn’t fix the problem. To clear away any dirt or debris that might be obstructing the connection, use a cotton swab or toothpick.

If the sound is still not coming through, it’s conceivable that the headphone jack itself has a problem, and you may need to replace it.

1. Verify that the jack is completely and securely plugged in

You should first check to see if your headphone cable is fully and securely plugged in. It’s possible that you just fully plugged in the cord, which would prevent the headphones from receiving signals from one side.

As a result, it is strongly advised that you verify that the cable jack is fully plugged in. If necessary, remove the cable and re-plug it properly. Hopefully, it will assist you to solve the problem.

You can plug in the sound cord for your Beats Solo Wireless and see if the sound is audible from both sides. Remove the sound cable while the music is playing if everything is fine. Restart your headphones, and then re-connect Bluetooth.

2. Verify that music is indeed playing on your device.

It’s possible that the problem lies not with your headphones but with the gadget you’re using to listen to music. Maybe one of the sides of your Beats headphones isn’t working because your device isn’t producing audio signals correctly.

You can check to make sure that your audio device is actually playing music to resolve the problem. Play some music via the device’s loudspeakers to confirm that by listening for any sound.

If you’re unable to, your audio device—not your Beats headphones—is broken, and you must get it fixed for both sides of your Beats headphones to work.

3. Adjust Your Device’s Audio Settings

The majority of music-playing devices have some sort of audio setting that enables you to choose the device to which you want to route your audio.

You will experience the one side not working issue on your Beats headphones if there are any problems with those settings or if you have changed the audio routing.

Launching your device’s audio settings panel and checking that all the settings are accurate will quickly solve the problem. Change them if necessary, and make sure the output audio player is set to your Beats headphones.

4. Examine a Different Music-Playing Device

It’s also possible that your audio source is having major problems and is unable to send audio signals to your Beats headphones. You can test your headphones with other devices to make sure that’s the case.

Play some music files by simply connecting your Beats headphones to your other devices. If you can hear through both sides of your headphones, your audio device—not your headphones—was the problem.

5. Upgrade Your Device’s Operating System

Operating system updates are available for almost every gadget under the sun, and they must be installed for your device to operate more efficiently.

The older OS could be causing problems with Beats headphones if you have not updated your device with the most recent updates.

You can launch the app or panel that typically downloads and installs updates on your device and update your device with the most recent software version available to get the most recent updates for your device.

An iOS device’s Settings > General > Software Update menu allows for the installation of updates.


1. How to fix beats headphones if one side is silent?

Check to verify if the sound is audible from both sides by plugging in the Beats Solo Wireless sound cord. If everything is okay, disconnect the sound cable while the song is playing.

2. How to fix beats headphones bluetooth on one side is silent?

Check to see if there is any extra earwax, dust, or dirt on the side that isn’t working. If it needs cleaning, you can use a small brush or a vacuum hose with a thin nozzle.

3. How to fix beat earphones that are mute on one side?

Check the audio settings in the Settings menu on your computer or smartphone if you are using one. Ensure that neither side of the stereo balance is being panned. Directly in the center should be the pan.

4. How to repair wireless earbuds Only one side speaks.

Try to unpair the headphones by turning off Bluetooth on your device if you’re using wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Restart Bluetooth after that, and pair your headphones. See whether the issue is resolved by reconnecting your headphones to your computer or other devices.

5. How to Fix One Side Is Silent On Beats Solo 3 Headphones

You can try to hold down the power button and volume down button for 10 seconds, Release the buttons whenever the fuel gauge starts to flash.

Now that they have been reset, your headphones are prepared to be reconnected to your gadgets.

6. Why does only one side of my Beats headphones work?

A lot of times, perspiration, rain, and liquid spills are exposed to headphones. The headphones may sustain water damage as a result.

Place your headphones in front of a fan or in a window seal if you think they may have been harmed by fluids.

Remove the headphones’ covers if you can to allow the interiors to dry out as well. Give them about 72 hours to completely dry out. After that, try again to see if the issue is resolved.


The approach above should assist you in resolving the Beats Solo 3 wireless one side not working issue, allowing you to use your device to listen to music without interruption. You can get in touch with the business and ask for assistance if nothing else works.

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