Best closed back headphones under 100

Discover the best closed back headphones under $100! They offer superb sound, blocking out noise from your surroundings. Ideal for enjoying music without distractions, these headphones are a wallet-friendly choice for a great audio experience.

Closed back headphones under 100

1.Sennheiser HD 300 Closed Back

The Sennheiser HD 300 Closed Back Headphone is a compelling choice for those looking for quality audio without breaking the bank. Here’s a compiled review based on multiple sources:

Sound Quality:

The headphones are known for delivering a clean, detailed, and balanced sound, along with a substantial open sound stage. The bass is described as somewhat neutral and not boomy, making it well-suited for a variety of music genres​​.

They are said to be more balanced across the frequency range when compared to other models like the HD 650s​​.

Especially for classical or jazz fans, the clean and detailed bass profile is appreciated, giving acoustic instruments a good range of sound​​.

Comfort and Design:

They are noted for being comfortable, light, and well-padded, which is great for extended use​​.

The headphones are described as simple, compact, and pocket-friendly, making them a convenient choice for on-the-go usage​​.

Additionally, they feature folding earcups, which is a plus for easy storage and transport​​.

Noise Isolation:

With high passive noise isolation, they’re suitable for applications in monitoring, providing around 32dB of ambient noise attenuation. This level of noise isolation is impressive for their weight and is quite handy in noisy environments​.


They are ideal for monitoring applications due to their high-resolution, distortion-free sound quality, which delivers a superior monitoring experience​.


The Sennheiser HD 300 is a great choice for the price, especially for those looking to stay under the $100 mark​​.

2.AKG Pro Audio K92

The AKG Pro Audio K92 Closed-Back Headphones are praised for their affordability while still providing a quality listening experience. Here’s a breakdown based on various reviews:

Sound Quality:

The headphones are known for their full warm sound, well-controlled bass, and clean highs, making them suitable for both monitoring and casual listening​​.

However, it’s noted that the treble isn’t as pronounced as the bass and mids, and the vocals have a tube-like quality​​.

Noise Isolation:

The AKG K92 performs well in isolating higher frequency noises above 1kHz, though it might not be as effective against lower-frequency noise​​.

Build and Comfort:

These headphones are appreciated for their build quality, especially given their price point. They have a sturdy frame, and the self-adjusting band is noted for its comfortable fit​​.

They are designed to be lightweight with a self-adjusting headband to fit a wide range of head sizes. The replaceable ear cups and the long cable add to the convenience and comfort​​.


They are deemed a great entry-level option for studio monitoring due to their sound quality and comfort, which makes them suitable for extended use​.


The AKG K92 headphones are highlighted for their low price point, providing a balance of high-end features for a budget-friendly price​​.

Additional Note:

It’s advised that a headphone amp may be necessary to experience the full capability of these headphones​​.

3.Status Audio CB-1

The Status Audio CB-1 Closed Back Monitor Headphones are appreciated for their affordability while still offering a good quality sound, making them a viable choice for budget-conscious consumers. Below is a summary of various reviews:

Sound Quality:

The Status Audio CB-1 headphones are praised for their sound quality which is described as much better than what their price might suggest. The sound is noted to be controlled and the headphones provide a large scale of sound, which likely refers to a wide soundstage or good separation of instruments​​.


The headphones are said to have extra padding on the ear cups and headband which provides all-day comfort. This makes them a viable choice for long listening sessions​​.

Build Quality:

They have a reasonable build quality for their price range, although some reviews mention a few “amateurish touches” and “questionable hardware” that might affect the overall build quality and durability​​.


The design of the Status Audio CB-1 headphones is described as generic, favoring sound quality over style. However, this simplistic design may appeal to individuals who prioritize function over form​.


The price point of around $79 is highlighted as remarkable considering the sound performance you get from these headphones​​.

Possible Downsides:

Some reviews point out that the headphones have “sloppy mids” and slightly recessed lower mids, which might affect the overall sound quality, especially for those who are particular about the midrange frequencies​​.

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4. Sennheiser HD 569

The Sennheiser HD 569 Closed Back Headphones are recognized for their well-rounded performance at an affordable price. Here’s a breakdown of their features based on various reviews:

Sound Quality:

The sound signature of the HD 569 is described as warm with rich detail and vocal clarity. However, they might not satisfy bass enthusiasts as they don’t deliver excellent bass. The highs are also noted to be less present and not as sharp compared to some other headphones.

Despite these, the sound is said to be smooth and balanced overall, making them suitable for casual listening, and even for tracking or playing instruments like electronic drums​​.

Comfort and Build Quality:

The headphones are praised for their comfort, attributed to the soft memory foam padding and the material of the earpads. They align well with other Sennheiser models from the 5xx series in terms of comfort.

The build quality is deemed reasonable, and the headphones are described as lightweight yet rugged​.

Noise Isolation:

They provide good noise isolation due to their closed-back design, although one review mentions that the isolation from external noise could be better​​.


Priced at around $80 to $149 based on the sales price, the Sennheiser HD 569 headphones are considered a good value for the money, offering a blend of decent sound quality, comfort, and noise isolation at a budget-friendly price point​.


While they may not be ideal for professional mixing or mastering, they are great for casual listening and could be used for tracking or playing instruments, making them a versatile choice for various audio activities​​.

Additional Notes:

They come with a two-year warranty, adding a level of assurance to your purchase​​.


Discover the best closed-back headphones under $100 for a balanced sound and comfy fit. They are great for enjoying music without outside noise. With good build quality, they offer a fun way to listen to your favorite tunes affordably.

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