Best Closed back headphone under $50

Best Closed back headphone under $50

Discovering the best closedback headphones for under $50 doesn’t have to be a challenge. Our guide explores a variety of choices that balance cost with quality, ensuring you find a pair that suits your needs without stretching your budget​​​​.

List of 5 Closed back headphones under $50

1.AKG Pro Audio K72

AKG Pro Audio K72

The AKG Pro Audio K72 stands out in the world of studio headphones, offering a blend of professional-grade features at a budget-friendly price. These headphones are designed to provide an accurate sound experience, suited for professionals and audio enthusiasts alike.


  • Accurate sound reproduction for professional monitoring.
  • Over-ear design for extended comfort.
  • Closed-back for effective sound isolation.
  • Self-adjusting headband for a perfect fit.
  • Wide frequency response of 16Hz – 20kHz.


  • Not ideal for portable use due to its size.
  • Fixed, non-detachable cable.
  • Lacks inline controls and a microphone.

2.Tascam TH-MX2 

Tascam TH MX2

The Tascam TH-MX2 is a well-regarded choice in the realm of closed-back studio mixing headphones. Designed to balance comfort with sound quality, these headphones cater to both professional and casual listeners. Their sleek black design and focus on user comfort make them a popular choice for extended listening sessions.


  • Lightweight design enhances comfort for long sessions.
  • Stylish comfort with tightly-stitched, padded headband and ear bands.
  • 40mm neodymium magnet driver delivers quality sound.
  • Includes a screw-on 1/8” (3.5mm) to 1/4” (6.3mm) adapter and leatherette bag.
  • Long cable (about 9.8ft or 3m) for flexibility and movement.


  • Closed-back design might limit soundstage compared to open-back models.
  • Long cable could be cumbersome in some portable or tight-space scenarios.
  • May lack advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity or active noise cancellation.

3.AKG K52

The AKG K52 is a closed-back stereo headphone designed for a blend of quality and comfort. Its over-ear form factor and wired connectivity, coupled with a lightweight feature, make it suitable for extended listening sessions. The closed-back design is focused on providing a more isolated listening experience.


  • Closed-back design for sound isolation and minimal leakage.
  • Over-ear form factor ensures comfortable wear for long periods.
  • Lightweight build enhances user comfort and portability.
  • Wired connectivity for reliable, high-quality audio transmission.
  • Renowned AKG sound quality in an affordable package.


  • The closed-back design may not offer the expansive soundstage of open-back headphones.
  • Wired-only connectivity might limit convenience compared to wireless options.
  • May lack additional features such as in-line controls or a microphone.


The Sennheiser HD 206 is a closed-back, over-ear headphone that combines Sennheiser’s renowned audio quality with features aimed at providing a comfortable and immersive listening experience. Its design focuses on passive noise isolation, making it a good choice for home recording or studio use.


  • Closed-back design offers effective passive noise isolation and prevents sound leakage, ideal for recording environments.
  • Lightweight and comfortable, suitable for extended listening, studio, or DJ sessions.
  • Low impedance (24 ohms) ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices, including cell phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Wired connectivity ensures stable and high-quality audio transmission.
  • Comes with a 1/8 inch plug (3.5mm) and a 1/4 inch (6.3mm) adapter, enhancing its versatility.


  • Closed-back nature may limit the breadth of the soundstage compared to open-back models.
  • Wired connection might be less convenient for users who prefer wireless freedom.
  • May lack advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity or active noise cancellation.

5.M-Audio HDH40

The M-Audio HDH40 is an over-ear studio headphone designed for a variety of audio applications, from studio monitoring to podcasting and private listening. With its black color and wired connectivity, it aims to deliver high-quality sound and comfort.


  • 40mm neodymium dynamic magnet driver ensures high-quality sound, ideal for studio and private use.
  • Features a 180-degree rotatable frame and stainless steel telescopic arms with scale for a customizable fit.
  • Leather cushioning and a flexible headband provide comfort for long listening sessions.
  • Compatible with a wide range of equipment due to its 32Ω impedance and 95dB sensitivity.
  • Includes a 2.7m long fixed cable for secure connection, and a ¼-inch adapter for pro audio equipment.


  • The fixed, long cable might be cumbersome in some scenarios, especially for mobile use.
  • Closed-back design may not offer as open a soundstage as open-back headphones.
  • Lacks wireless connectivity, which might be a downside for those preferring Bluetooth headphones.

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Are the AKG Pro Audio K72 headphones suitable for professional studio use?

Yes, they are designed for professional use with a balanced response and wide frequency range.

Is the Tascam TH-MX2 comfortable for long listening sessions?

Yes, they are lightweight and have a padded headband for extended comfort.

Can I use the AKG K52 headphones for casual listening?

Yes, they are versatile for both casual and studio use due to their comfort and sound quality.

Are the Sennheiser HD 206 headphones compatible with smartphones and tablets?

Yes, their low impedance makes them compatible with a wide range of devices.

Is the M-Audio HDH40 suitable for podcasting and studio recording?

Yes, they are designed for studio monitoring, podcasting, and private listening with high-quality sound drivers.


Whether for professional studio use, casual listening, or podcasting, these five headphones offer a blend of quality, comfort, and versatility to meet a range of audio needs and preferences.