Can You Use AirPods in Sauna?

Dive into the steamy relaxation of a sauna, but can you bring your tunes along with Can You Use AirPods in Sauna? The short answer is no, AirPods aren’t designed to withstand the intense heat and humidity, potentially leading to damage or decreased lifespan. It’s best to leave them outside as you unwind.

What Manufacturers Say

Apple suggests not using AirPods in places like saunas. Saunas are very hot and humid, which is not good for AirPods. Apple makes AirPods to handle some sweat but a sauna is too much. The heat and moisture can damage your AirPods badly. So, it’s better to keep them safe outside the sauna. This way, your AirPods will last longer and work well whenever you need them.

Technical Implications

AirPods are made of small parts like batteries, microphones, and speakers. When they face too much heat or moisture, like in a sauna, they can get damaged. The heat can make them too hot and affect the battery life. They may not last as long as they should. The moisture in a sauna can lead to corrosion, a kind of rust, which can also damage the small parts inside. So, using AirPods in a sauna can lead to many problems and it’s not a good idea.

Sauna Types and Their Effects on AirPods

Use AirPods in Sauna

Saunas are warm places that help people relax. There are three types: steam saunas, dry saunas, and infrared saunas. Each type has a different effect on AirPods.

Steam saunas have a lot of moisture which is not good for AirPods. Dry saunas are very hot but have less moisture, yet the heat can still cause damage. Infrared saunas are a bit safer for AirPods because they are not as hot.

But remember, no matter the type of sauna, it’s always risky to take AirPods inside. Also, if you’re wondering, Can You Use Airpods in the Shower?, it’s not a good idea either as the water can damage them.

Non-Technical Considerations

Saunas are places for quiet and relaxation. Using AirPods there can disturb this peace. It’s good to respect others and keep the sauna etiquette. If you play music loud, others can hear it and may get disturbed.

Also, AirPods might slip out from your ears when you sweat, which is not comfortable. So, it’s better to enjoy the quiet, respect others, and keep the AirPods away to have the best sauna experience.

Alternatives and Precautions

If you still want to listen to music in a sauna, there are other headphones made to handle heat and moisture better than AirPods. If you decide to use AirPods anyway, keep them in a case to protect them.

It’s always good to check the temperature and moisture levels in the sauna before taking them inside. And remember, keeping them away from too much heat and moisture will help them last longer and work better.

Real-world Experiences and Anecdotes

Some people have tried using AirPods in saunas and found out they can get damaged. One person shared that their AirPods stopped working after a sauna session. Another noticed the battery drained faster.

These real stories show it’s not a good idea to use AirPods in saunas. It’s better to follow the advice and keep them safe, so you can enjoy your music for a long time.


it’s not a good idea to use AirPods in a sauna. Saunas are too hot and humid, which can damage your AirPods. It’s better to relax without electronics. If you want to listen to music, there are safer headphones for saunas. And remember, it’s not good to use AirPods in the shower either; water can damage them. Keep your AirPods safe!


Is it safe to wear AirPod Pros in the sauna?

No, it’s not safe to wear AirPod Pros in a sauna. Saunas are very hot and humid environments, and using AirPods in such conditions can potentially damage them due to the heat and moisture.

How long will AirPods last in a sauna?

AirPods are not designed for sauna use, so they can start experiencing issues fairly quickly in a sauna’s high-temperature and high-humidity environment. It’s best not to use them in saunas at all.

Can I use my iPhone in a sauna?

It’s generally not recommended to use your iPhone in a sauna either. The extreme heat and humidity can negatively impact your iPhone’s performance and could potentially damage it. It’s safer to leave your iPhone outside the sauna.

What headphones can you use in a sauna?

There are specific headphones designed for use in saunas and similar environments. These headphones are typically built to withstand high heat and humidity. Sauna-specific headphones or other waterproof and heat-resistant headphones may be better options if you want to listen to music in a sauna. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for the headphones you choose to ensure they are suitable for sauna use.

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