Can wearing headphones cause jaw pain?

Headphones are likely to be the best companion we carry every day. We plug our headphones in our ears and listen to our favorite music day in and day out.

But many times, one might have experienced pain in one or the other part of the body due to continuous wearing.

But have you ever wondered, what causes this pain? How can listening to music end up causing immeasurable pain?

Headphones are one of the most common wearables that we tend to use every day. But excess of everything is bad. Increasing reliance on headphones is affecting the body in one or the other way.

It is important to control the usage of the headphones and ensure that these things don’t cause permanent hearing loss. According to recent statistics, there has been a 71% increase in deafness-related issues due to headphones.

Let us understand the different types of side effects one by one.

Can wearing headphones cause jaw pain find out.

It might be difficult to accept but wearing headphones for long hours causes jaw pain. It commences on a very mild note but ends up in irritating the person. It usually happens due to the positioning and the size of the headphones.

Many times, we place the headphones in a way that exerts pressure on our earlobes and jawline. This pressure makes the muscles pain and hence the jaws ache like anything.

The weight and the size of the headphones also determine the pain one experiences on the jawline. Usually, the larger ones cause more pain. Another reason this pain might occur is basically due to compression of the ears.

The cups of headphones compress the ears fully or partially. This can make the ears put additional force on the jawline and make that painful. One should be very particular about the duration of time for which the headphones are put on.

But one can surely try to reduce jaw pain. Remember these points the next time you put on your headphones.

  • Always use headphones for 60 minutes.
  • Use softer cups in headphones.
  • Frequently shift the position of headphones
  • Use high-quality headphones.

Can headphones cause neck pain?

The posture of the headphones can also cause neck pain if not adjusted properly. Headphones are heavy to wear and put pressure on the temporal muscles.

These muscles are directly connected with the neck and the neck starts paining. Headphones are responsible for causing neck pain for other reasons as well.

The sound vibrations generated by the headphones produce minor frequency waves which travel all the way to the muscles. These vibrations cause muscle fatigue.

The excessive and unwanted movement of muscles around the neck can cause severe neck pain. That is why one must casually use headphones and not depend on them.

Can headphones cause TMJ?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. This is a small joint that connects the jaw bone and the skull. It helps in the movement of the jaw muscles in a controlled way. Wearing headphones for a long time can definitely cause TMJ disorders. This happens due to the pressure exerted by the headphones around your ears and neck.

Due to the pressure, one really can’t open his mouth completely. As a result, one is forced to clench the teeth and the jawline. Clenching excessively can trigger these disorders. All the muscles are unconsciously suppressed and the repercussions are grave to pursue in the future.

Can headphones cause nerve damage?

This is one of the most serious side effects of wearing headphones for a long period of time. It seriously affects the auditory nerve of the ear. The entire canal becomes weak and more receptive to sound waves. As a result, a minor sensation can cause excessive pain.

Scientists have also showcased that the inner lining of the ear and the eardrums can be torn apart if one continues to listen to loud music for hours. It can lead to partial deafness as well. The frequency is usually very high and this damages the feeble cell membranes of the nerves present in the auditory canal.

Do headphones affect skulls?

Skull is considered to be the most challenging part of the body. The consistent wearing of headphones can cause a temporary dent in the skull. However, this isn’t very grave and permanent. The indentation of the skull does not undergo a change but the skin and the hair might fold to an extent.

But sometimes wearing headphones for a long time can cause pain in the skull. This can cause prolonged headaches and nausea.

It can be cured but it is difficult to bear this pain. You can also experience a tightening stretch in your muscles. However, it is advisable to use good-quality headphones so that the ear cuffs are not very hard to bear.

How long should you wear headphones in a day?

The duration of wearing headphones is very essential to get monitored. Most of the pains and the side effects that have been mentioned above can be mitigated if the duration of wearing headphones is reduced to the minimum extent.

Scientists have devised a unique way of preventing any damage to the ear. This method is referred to as the 60-60 method.

According to this method, one must listen to music at 60% of the maximum volume of your device. It must basically continue for a maximum period of 60 minutes. If one follows this rule, then the likelihood of damage is seriously reduced.

This is the best technique to avoid causing any kind of pain after wearing headphones. This method is endorsed by ear specialists as well. One must not wear headphones for more than 60 minutes a day.

The damage caused by headphones can be incurable at times. The frequency of sound is usually high and this can affect the canals as well. One must strictly adhere to these limits and avoid using headphones for long hours.

Even if you hear music at a low level, but you continue wearing the headphones for long hours then also we are prone to experience one or other side effects.


It can be ultimately concluded that these guidelines must be remembered at any cost. The usage of headphones must be checked and limited. This is what matters at the end of the day.

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