Are audeze headphones worth it ?

If you’re an audiophile or a professional audio engineer, you may have heard about Audeze headphones.

Audeze is a California-based audio company that specializes in high-end headphones. The company was founded in 2008, and since then, it has gained a reputation for producing some of the best-sounding headphones on the market.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Audeze headphones and determine whether they’re worth the hype.

Audeze Headphones Overview
Before we dive into the details, let’s first give a brief overview of Audeze headphones.

1.History of Audeze Headphones

Audeze was founded in 2008 by Sankar Thiagasamudram and Alexander Rosson. The company’s headquarters are located in Orange County, California.

2.Audeze’s Philosophy

Audeze’s philosophy is to create headphones that reproduce sound as accurately as possible. The company uses planar magnetic technology, which we’ll discuss in more detail later, to achieve this goal.

3.Types of Audeze Headphones

Audeze produces several types of headphones, including over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear headphones. Each type of headphone is designed for a specific use case, whether it’s for professional audio engineers, audiophiles, or gamers.

4.Sound Quality

One of the main reasons people consider Audeze headphones is for their exceptional sound quality. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Audeze headphones sound so good.

5.Audeze Planar Magnetic Technology

Audeze headphones use planar magnetic technology to produce sound. This technology uses a thin film diaphragm with a printed circuit that produces an electromagnetic field. When an audio signal is sent to the circuit, the magnetic field moves the diaphragm, producing sound.

Frequency Response and Soundstage

Audeze headphones have a frequency response that is more accurate than traditional headphones. This means that the headphones produce sound that is closer to what the audio engineer intended. Additionally, Audeze headphones have a wider soundstage, which means that the headphones produce sound that feels more spacious and immersive.

Audio Performance

Overall, Audeze headphones have exceptional audio performance. The headphones produce sound that is detailed, clear, and balanced. They’re great for listening to all types of music, whether it’s classical, jazz, or rock.

Comfort and Design

While sound quality is essential, comfort and design are also important factors to consider when purchasing headphones. Let’s take a closer look at how Audeze headphones stack up.

Headphone Build Quality

Audeze headphones are built to last. They’re made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand heavy use. Additionally, the headphones have a premium feel to them.

Earcup Design

Audeze headphones have large earcups that completely surround your ears. This design helps to create a more immersive listening experience. Additionally, the earcups are designed to be comfortable for extended listening sessions.

Cushioning and Weight

Audeze headphones are well-cushioned and comfortable to wear. The headphones are also relatively lightweight, which helps to reduce fatigue during long listening sessions.

Audeze vs. Other Headphone Brands

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at Audeze headphones’ sound quality, comfort, and design, let’s compare them to other high-end headphone brands.

Comparison with Other High-End Headphone Brands
Audeze headphones are often compared to other high-end headphone brands, such as Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic. While each brand has its strengths and weaknesses, Audeze headphones are known for their exceptional sound quality.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless headphones are becoming increasingly popular among consumers due to the convenience they offer. Audeze offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options on some of its headphone models, allowing users to enjoy their music wirelessly.

Audeze Cipher App

The Audeze Cipher app is a unique feature that enhances the user experience. The app allows users to customize the EQ and sound profile of their headphones to their preferences. It also has a built-in music player and provides firmware updates for Audeze headphones.

Audeze Bluetooth Modules

Audeze also offers Bluetooth modules that can be attached to some of their wired headphones to turn them into wireless headphones. This is a great option for those who already own Audeze wired headphones but want the flexibility of wireless connectivity.

Gaming Performance

1.Audeze Mobius

Audeze Mobius is a gaming headphone that is designed specifically for gamers. It features 3D audio and head tracking technology, providing an immersive gaming experience. The headphones also have a built-in microphone, making them ideal for multiplayer gaming.

2.Audio Performance in Gaming

Audeze headphones are well-known for their audio performance, and this is especially true when it comes to gaming. The planar magnetic technology used in Audeze headphones provides excellent audio quality, allowing users to hear every detail in their games.

3.Comfort and Design for Gaming

Audeze Mobius headphones are designed for long gaming sessions, with plush earcups and a lightweight design that ensures maximum comfort. The headphones also have a detachable cable, making them easy to transport.

4.Use Cases

Audeze headphones are used by a variety of people, including professional audio engineers and music producers, audiophiles, gamers, and travelers.

5.Professional Audio Engineers and Music Producers

Audeze headphones are popular among professional audio engineers and music producers due to their exceptional audio performance. The planar magnetic technology used in Audeze headphones allows users to hear every detail in their audio recordings.


Audiophiles are people who are passionate about high-quality audio. Audeze headphones are an excellent choice for audiophiles due to their exceptional sound quality and comfort.


Audeze Mobius headphones are designed specifically for gamers, providing an immersive gaming experience with 3D audio and head tracking technology.


Audeze headphones are a great option for travelers who want to enjoy high-quality audio on the go. The headphones are lightweight and portable, making them easy to take on trips.

Price and Value

Audeze Headphone Price Range

Audeze headphones are considered high-end headphones, and their prices reflect that. The price range for Audeze headphones starts at around $400 and goes up to $4,000 for their top-of-the-line models.

Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

While Audeze headphones are expensive, they are also known for their exceptional audio performance and comfort. For those who prioritize audio quality in their headphones, Audeze headphones are a great investment.

Best Value Audeze Headphones

The Audeze LCD-2 Classic headphones are considered to be one of the best value Audeze headphones. They offer exceptional audio quality and comfort at a relatively affordable price compared to other Audeze models.

Maintenance and Repair

Cleaning and Maintenance

Audeze headphones require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that they continue to perform at their best. Audeze provides detailed instructions on how to clean and maintain their headphones on their website.

Warranty and Support

Audeze offers a 3-year warranty on their headphones, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. They also provide customer support via email and phone.

Wireless Connectivity

Audeze is known for its wired headphones, but the company has also ventured into wireless connectivity with its Cipher App and Bluetooth modules.

The Cipher App allows you to fine-tune the audio to your personal preferences, adjust the EQ settings, and even apply noise reduction.

Audeze Bluetooth modules provide wireless connectivity to their wired headphones, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes without being tethered to your device.

Gaming Performance

Audeze has developed the Mobius headphones with gamers in mind. These headphones come with advanced features like 3D audio processing, head-tracking technology, and customizable sound profiles.

The Mobius headphones deliver an immersive gaming experience, with precise audio cues that allow you to pinpoint the location of your enemies.

The headphones are also comfortable to wear, with a lightweight design and earcups that fit snugly around your ears.

Use Cases

Audeze headphones cater to a wide range of users, from music producers and audio engineers to gamers and travelers.

Professional audio engineers and music producers appreciate the accuracy and clarity of the Audeze sound.

Audiophiles value the quality of sound reproduction, the wide soundstage, and the precise imaging. Gamers appreciate the immersive gaming experience, with realistic audio cues and pinpoint accuracy.

Travelers love the noise-canceling features and the ability to tune out the noise of the outside world.

Price and Value

Audeze headphones are not cheap, but they offer exceptional value for money. The company’s headphones are priced in the high-end range, with prices ranging from $400 to $4,000.

However, the quality of sound and the build quality justify the price. Audeze headphones are made of high-quality materials, and the company uses advanced technologies like Planar Magnetic to deliver exceptional sound quality.

Maintenance and Repair

Audeze headphones require minimal maintenance, but it’s important to clean them regularly to keep them in good condition.

Audeze provides a one-year warranty on all its headphones, and the company offers repair services for any defects or issues with the headphones.

The company also provides excellent customer support, with a dedicated team that can help you with any issues or concerns.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Audeze headphones have received rave reviews from customers and critics alike. Online reviews and ratings are overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising the exceptional sound quality and build quality of the headphones.

Audeze headphones are also highly rated on Amazon, with most customers giving them a five-star rating. Reddit users also speak highly of Audeze headphones, with many recommending them to other users.

Brand Reputation

Audeze has built a solid reputation in the audio industry, with its headphones winning numerous awards and recognitions.

The company has also received celebrity endorsements, with famous musicians and audio engineers praising the quality of Audeze headphones.

Audeze has also been recognized for its socially responsible manufacturing practices and ethical business practices.

Audeze’s Social Responsibility

Audeze is committed to environmentally conscious manufacturing and ethical business practices.

The company uses sustainable materials and follows eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Audeze also supports social outreach programs that promote education and environmental sustainability.

Audeze’s Company Culture

Audeze’s core values include a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The company places a high value on employee satisfaction and provides a supportive and collaborative work environment.

Audeze’s philosophy is centered on delivering exceptional audio experiences to its customers.


Audeze headphones are worth the hype for those who value high-quality sound, comfort, and innovative features.

With its advanced planar magnetic technology, superior audio performance, and various use cases, Audeze headphones stand out from the competition.

Additionally, Audeze’s commitment to social responsibility and ethical business practices adds to its appeal to conscious consumers.

While they may come with a higher price tag, the benefits and value of Audeze headphones make them a worthwhile investment for audiophiles, music producers, gamers, and travelers alike.

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