Top 4 Over Ear Headphones Wired

Those that desire excellent sound and noise isolation, as well as audiophiles and musicians, frequently use over-ear headphones. Wired headphones continue to have several advantages despite the growing popularity of wireless headphones.

They offer a connection that is more dependable and constant and is more useful for extended listening sessions. Others favour the security that a physical link provides.

 In this post, we’ll talk about how gaming and music listening may be improved by using wired over-the-ear headphones.

The article also discusses some of the top over ear headphones wired now available, including designs from well-known manufacturers like Philips, M-Audio, Oneodio, and ALABS.

Features to Consider Before Buying over ear headphones wired

When buying wired over ear headphones, there are several features to consider to ensure you get the best value for your money. In this article, we’ll go over the key features to look for when purchasing wired over ear headphones.

Sound Quality

When buying over ear headphones wired, sound quality should be your top priority. To capture every nuance of your music, you need a broad frequency range and an excellent dynamic range. It’s crucial to have a well-balanced sound profile to prevent any one frequency range from dominating others.

It is essential to select headphones with clear and accurate sound reproduction because the sound quality of the headphones can affect your overall listening experience. From classical to hip-hop to gaming, a good pair of wired over ear headphones should produce high-quality sound in a variety of listening situations and genres.

Comfort and Fit

When choosing over ear headphones wired for prolonged listening sessions, comfort, and fit are essential considerations. To avoid discomfort or fatigue, look for headphones with padded ear cups and headbands that have a soft, comfortable feel. For proper fit and security on your head, headphones with movable headbands and ear cups are essential.

The overall comfort and listening experience are improved by a proper fit that prevents the headphones from slipping or falling off while being used. It is simpler to enjoy your favourite music or podcasts for hours on end when the fit is comfortable because it allows for prolonged use without strain or discomfort.


When purchasing over ear headphones wired, durability is a key factor to take into account. It’s crucial to look for headphones made of high-quality materials, such as metal or strong plastic frames if you want to make sure they can withstand repeated use. The lifespan of your headphones can be increased by using these materials to help prevent wear and tear.

To protect your headphones from damage caused by frequent twisting and bending, look for headphones with reinforced cables and solid joints. You can save money in the long run and make sure you can continue to enjoy high-quality sound by making a durable headphone investment.

Noise Isolation

When purchasing over ear headphones wired, noise isolation should be a key feature. This is a reference to the ability of the headphones to cancel out outside noise so that you can concentrate on your music or other audio content without being interrupted. Ear cups on headphones with good noise isolation fit snugly around your ears and form a seal to block out unwanted noise.

This is crucial if you intend to use your headphones in noisy settings, such as an active office or a crowded aeroplane. It’s important to note the distinction between noise isolation and noise cancellation, which uses specialised technology to actively cancel out outside noise.

Cable Length

When choosing over ear headphones wired, cable length is an important consideration. The length of the cable determines how far you can move from your audio source without losing connection or experiencing distortion. A cable that is too short can be uncomfortable and impede your mobility, while a cable that is too long can be heavy and challenging to untangle.

Consider where you’ll be wearing the headphones and how far you’ll be from the audio source. Usually, a cable length of 4-6 feet is sufficient for the majority of users. A damaged cable can be replaced or the length of a cable can be changed as needed with some headphones’ detachable cables.

Impedance and Sensitivity

When considering over ear headphones wired, two important features to consider are impedance and sensitivity. Impedance refers to the amount of electrical resistance the headphones have, and it’s measured in ohms. Headphones with higher impedance require more power to drive them and are better suited for use with amplifiers or high-powered devices.

Sensitivity, on the other hand, refers to how effectively the headphones convert electrical signals into sound, and it’s measured in decibels (dB). Headphones with higher sensitivity require less power to produce the same volume, making them more efficient. Ultimately, the best choice for you depends on your intended use and the type of device you’ll be using with the headphones.

Additional Features (inline remote, microphone, etc.)

A few important factors should be taken into account before purchasing over ear headphones wired. The first thing you should consider is the ear cups’ size and comfort as well as the sound quality and frequency response. Take into account whether the headphones have any extra features, such as an inline microphone or remote, which can be useful for making calls or managing music playback.

Other aspects to think about might be the length of the cable, the durability and general quality of the construction, and whether any extras, like a carrying case or extra ear pads, are included with the headphones. In the end, the best over ear headphones wired will depend on your individual needs and preferences, so take the time to shop around and find the pair that’s right for you.

Top 4 over ear headphones wired

Wired over ear headphones offer high-quality audio performance and a reliable connection. Here are the top 4 wired over ear headphones available in the market, featuring superior sound quality, comfortable fit, and durable build.

Philips Performance Audio SHP9600

PHILIPS Over Ear Open Back Stereo Headphones Wired…
  • All New Philips Shp9600 With The Perfect Blend Of…
  • Open-Back Design With Spacious Sound. Ideal For…
  • Perfectly Tuned 50 Mm Drivers Deliver Crisp Bass,…
  • The Drivers Are Engineered To Fit The Ear’S…

The Philips Performance Audio SHP9600 over ear headphones wired have a sound impedance of 32 Ohm and a 50 mm speaker diameter. The sensitivity is 102 dB and the frequency range is 6-35,000 Hz.

The maximum power input is 200 mW and the distortion level is < 0.1%. The acoustic system is open and the driver type is dynamic.

The wearing style is headband and the ear fitting is over-ear. The headphones come with a 3.3 mm adapter plug and a 3.5 mm stereo cable.

The outer carton has a gross weight of 2.27 kg and the product dimensions are 10 cm in depth, 20.1 cm in height, and 17.2 cm in width. The nett weight of the product is 0.876 kg and the number of consumer packagings is 3.


  • 50mm neodymium speaker drivers deliver a high-fidelity sound
  • Double-layered headband cushion for added comfort
  • Breathable earpads are designed for long listening sessions
  • Engineered to fit the ear’s natural geometry, the angled drivers offer precise and accurate sound
  • Detachable cable with gold-plated connector
  • Includes 3.5mm to 1/4″ adapter


  • Large 50mm neodymium drivers
  • powerful and clear sound
  • Open-back design provides a
  • wider soundstage and more natural sound
  • Comfortable and lightweight design for
  • extended listening sessions
  • Detachable cable allows for easy replacement or customization


  • Affordable price point for the level of sound quality
  • Open-back design may not be suitable for use in noisy environments
  • Lack of bass compared to closed-back headphones
  • Headband adjustment may not be ideal for all head sizes and shapes

OneOdio A10

OneOdio A10 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling…
  • 🎧Noise Cancellation Depth of -35dB: The OneOdio…
  • 🎧Hi-Res Audio, Hear Every Detail: Discover the…
  • 🎧62 Hrs Long Battery to Keep You Active: The…
  • 🎧User-friendly Design for Superior Comfort:…

The perfect musical ally! The picky audiophile was the target market when these wireless Bluetooth over ear headphones wired were developed.

They are equipped with cutting-edge Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology, which blocks up to 95% of low-frequency background noise by counteracting external sound with an equal amount of anti-noise.

Whether you’re working in a noisy environment or on a plane, this enables you to completely concentrate on what you’re listening to.

Thanks to Hi-Res Audio and 40mm dynamic drivers, the A10 produces precise sound over a broad frequency range that has more punch, richer details, wider dynamics, and a sound that is truer to the original information.

This suggests that each song you listen to will give you a fully immersive audio experience. The A10 has a top-notch camera as well.


  • Dual noise-detecting microphones
  • 45-hour battery life
  • Transparency (Ambient Sound) Mode for easy communication.
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology
  • Dual noise-detecting microphones
  • Hi-Res Audio with 40mm dynamic drivers
  • Quick 5-minute charge


  • Versatile headphones that can be used wired or wireless with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Noise-canceling feature helps to block out external noise
  • Foldable design for easy storage and transport
  • Decent sound quality for the price point
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calling and voice commands


  • Battery life could be longer, especially in wireless mode
  • Comfort may be an issue for extended listening sessions
  • Noise-canceling feature is not as effective as more expensive models
  • Sound quality may not be as good as more expensive models


ALABS Over-Ear Wired Closed Back Headphones,…
  • 【HIFI Sound Quality & Lower Distortion】ALABS…
  • 【Real Wood Earcups & Sound…
  • 【Low Impedance & Energy Efficient】Because of…
  • 【Adjustable Headband & Comfortable…

The ALABS HW501 over-ear headphones wired feature large-aperture 50mm drivers made of superior nanofiber material that is rigid and durable.

These speakers offer a wide frequency response of 10Hz to 30kHz, reduced distortion, and precise sound presentation thanks to a floating free-side driver that eliminates diaphragm resonance.

For a soft, breathable, and skin-friendly feel, the headband and earpads are made of protein leather that is wrapped in thickened memory foam. You can change the headband’s curvature as well.

The headphones’ low impedance (32) makes it possible for music enthusiasts and musicians to use any device to power them. Use the 12-Month warranty for a better shopping experience.


  • HIFI Sound Quality with Real Wood Earcups
  • Low Impedance
  • Portable & Comfortable Headband
  • Detachable 4.9ft Kevlar OFC Cable,
  • 1/8″ to 1/4″ gold-plated jack adapter
  • 12-Month Warranty.


  • Comfortable and lightweight design for extended listening sessions
  • Good noise isolation to block out external noise
  • Good sound quality for the price point
  • In-line microphone and remote for easy control of music playback and phone calls


  • The plastic build may not be as durable as other models
  • Sound quality may not be as good as more expensive models
  • Cable is not detachable, making it difficult to replace or customize
  • Bass may be lacking compared to other models

M-Audio HDH40

M-Audio HDH40 – Over Ear Studio Headphones with…
  • 40mm neodymium dynamic magnet driver delivers high…
  • 180-degree rotatable frame, stainless steel…
  • Impedance of 32Ω and 95dB sensitivity ensures…
  • 2.7m long fixed cable ensures a secure connection;…

The M-Audio HDH40 headphones are ideal for podcasting, private listening, and professional studio monitoring.

The 40mm neodymium dynamic magnet driver in these headphones produces sound of the highest calibre with fine detail.

A perfect fit and hours of comfortable listening are made possible by the 180-degree rotatable frame, stainless steel telescopic arms, and flexible headband with leather padding.

The HDH40 is compatible with a variety of devices thanks to its 32 impedance and 95dB sensitivity.

A secure connection to your device, whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, or professional audio gear like mixers, audio interfaces, and digital pianos, is guaranteed by the 2.7m long fixed cable.

These over ear headphones wired work with a variety of devices, including iPhone, Android, and Playstation, and are ideal for listening to music, movies, audio books, podcasts, studio recording, and monitoring.


  • Perfect for professional studio monitoring, podcasting, and private listening.
  • 40mm neodymium dynamic magnet driver
  • Impedance of 32Ω
  • 95dB sensitivity.
  • Compatible with a variety of devices.
  • 180-degree rotatable frame


  • Large 50mm drivers deliver powerful and clear sound
  • Closed-back design provides good noise isolation and more bass
  • Comfortable and sturdy design for extended listening sessions
  • Detachable cable allows for easy replacement or customization


  • The closed-back design may result in a narrower soundstage and less
  • natural sound
  • The price point may be too high for some users
  • The headphones may be heavier than other models, which could be uncomfortable for some users
  • Some users may prefer the open-back design for a more natural sound experience.
  • Regenerate response

Benefits of Using wired over-ear headphones

Over ear headphones wired offer numerous benefits over their wireless counterparts. From better sound quality to reliability and affordability, they are an excellent choice for audiophiles and music professionals.

Better sound quality

Due to their capacity to transmit audio data without compression or data loss, over ear headphones wired provide better sound quality.

Bluetooth technology is used by wireless headphones to connect to other devices, and during this process, the audio data is compressed before transmission. Loss of clarity and sound quality may result from this compression.

However, wired connections deliver uncompressed audio data, which produces a more precise and accurate reproduction of the original sound.

Furthermore, the drivers on wired headphones are typically bigger and better quality, able to reproduce a wider frequency range and provide a more dynamic and immersive audio experience.

Wired headphones are frequently the preferred option for audiophiles and music professionals because of their superior sound quality and dependability.

No battery or charging required

There is no chance of running out of power in the middle of a listening session because wired headphones don’t need batteries or charging. Additionally, this eliminates the need for any extra cables or chargers, making them easier to use and more convenient.

Additionally, the speakers can receive more power from wired headphones, producing a more dynamic and powerful sound. As a result, the sound quality is more stable and consistent.

The absence of wireless connectivity technology also lessens the possibility of interference or signal loss. For audiophiles, music lovers, and professionals who value dependability and sound quality, over ear headphones wired are a fantastic option.

Reliable and consistent connection

The connection provided by wired headphones is steady and dependable, impervious to interference from other equipment or the surrounding environment.

Wired headphones transmit audio signals via a physical cable, as opposed to wireless headphones, which rely on Bluetooth or other wireless technologies to connect.

The likelihood of signal loss, dropouts, or interruptions brought on by distance, radio frequency interference, or other environmental factors is thus completely eliminated.

You can thus listen to uninterrupted audio without any distortion, lag, or quality degradation.

In environments where a reliable connection is essential, such as in music production or gaming, where even a slight delay or interruption can be very disruptive, wired headphones are especially helpful.

More affordable than wireless counterparts

Due to their more straightforward designs and lack of wireless technology, wired headphones are typically more affordable than their wireless counterparts.

The cost of manufacturing wireless headphones can increase because they need extra parts like Bluetooth chips, antennas, and batteries.

The cost is further increased by the additional maintenance and upgrades required by this additional technology.

Conversely, wired headphones only need the most fundamental parts, such as cables and drivers.

Because of their straightforward designs, they are more reasonably priced for customers seeking a cost-effective option without sacrificing sound quality. Users also don’t have to worry about the cost of buying new or charging old batteries because they don’t rely on battery power.

Great for audiophiles and music professionals

When it comes to their listening experience, audiophiles and musicians demand the highest level of acoustic accuracy and quality.

These requirements are catered for by over ear headphones wired because they offer better sound clarity and quality than wireless counterparts. They ensure that no musical detail is overlooked and are also more dependable.

In the music production, mixing, and mastering processes, wired headphones are a necessary tool.

To achieve the desired sound quality in the finished product, they make it possible for a more accurate representation of sound to be made.

Generally speaking, over ear headphones wired are the best option for people who take their music seriously and require a high level of precision from their listening experience.

How to Choose the Right wired over ear headphones  for Your Needs

Due to the enormous selection, picking the best over ear headphones wired can be overwhelming. Budget, primary use, features, brand reputation, and reviews are the main things to consider.

Determine your budget

It’s crucial to take your needs and priorities into account when setting a budget for over ear headphones wired.

Think about the features that are important to you, such as comfort, a microphone, or noise-cancelling. Although more expensive headphones frequently have more sophisticated features, this does not always imply higher quality.

Prioritize the features you require when looking for headphones and prioritise those that offer good value for your money.

Remember that buying more expensive headphones may be worthwhile if you’re a music enthusiast or audiophile, but for casual listening or gaming, a less expensive pair may be adequate.

Ultimately, choosing over ear headphones wired requires striking the right balance between cost and quality.

Decide on your primary use (music production, gaming, casual listening, etc.)

It’s important to think about your main use for the headphones when selecting the best wired over-ear models.

Different features of headphones are needed for various activities. For example, to make precise mixing decisions, a music producer needs headphones with excellent sound quality, high noise isolation, and a wide frequency range.

For a competitive edge in gaming, on the other hand, you’ll want headphones with low latency and good spatial audio if you’re a gamer.

Comfort and portability may be more crucial for casual listening. You can reduce your options and locate a pair that is best suited to your unique needs by taking into account your primary use for your headphones.

Evaluate the features

A crucial step in selecting the ideal set of over ear headphones wired for your needs is evaluating their features.

Noise-cancelling technology, a built-in microphone, an adjustable headband, and soft padding are a few features to take into account.

While a built-in microphone is necessary for gaming or taking calls, noise-cancelling headphones can reduce background noise for a more immersive listening experience.

Padding around the ears and the headband offers additional comfort during extended listening sessions, and adjustable headbands guarantee a comfortable fit for all head sizes.

Frequency response, impedance, and driver size are additional features to take into account as they can all affect the sound quality of your headphones. Prioritize the features that matter the most to you and how you plan to use the headphones.

Consider the brand and model reputation

Brand reputation should be taken into consideration when choosing over ear headphones wired. Established companies with a track record of creating high-quality products are frequently a safer bet than unknown companies.

Reputable companies have a reputation to uphold and are more likely to offer top-notch support and customer service.

 Make sure the brand and model you’re considering have a solid warranty and a track record of producing dependable, long-lasting products by doing some research on them.

Consider the brand’s emphasis as well; some brands produce headphones specifically for the recording of music, whereas others concentrate on gaming or casual listening.

Making a wise investment in a high-quality product can be ensured by picking a brand and model with a solid reputation.

Read reviews

The most important step in selecting the best over ear headphones wired for your needs is reading reviews. Reviews can offer insightful information about the functionality, comfort, and durability of a specific model.

Additionally, they can assist you in identifying any potential problems or shortcomings that might not be immediately obvious from the product description or specifications.

To get a more accurate picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the product, when reading reviews, look for patterns in the feedback.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the product, it’s also crucial to take into account the reviews’ source and to read reviews from a variety of sources.

You can avoid buyer’s remorse and make an informed decision by taking the time to read reviews.

Wired Over Ear Headphones Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your over ear headphones wired in good condition and prolong their lifespan. Regular cleaning, proper cable management, and careful storage can prevent wear and tear, while ensuring optimal performance and comfort.   

Cleaning the ear pads and headband

To keep your over ear headphones wired clean and comfortable, you should regularly clean the ear pads and headband. When these surfaces are used for an extended period of time, the buildup of dirt, sweat, and oils can not only produce unpleasant odours but also irritate the skin.

It is advised to gently wipe down the ear pads and headband using a mild cleaning solution and a soft cloth or microfiber towel.

Avoid cleaning the headphones with harsh materials or immersing them in water to prevent damage to the materials.

You can keep your headphones in good shape and at their best for comfort and sound quality by routinely cleaning the ear pads and headband.

Proper cable management

Maintaining the durability and functionality of over-ear headphones requires proper cable management.

The wiring and connections of the headphones can be harmed by repeatedly bending or twisting the cable, which can result in it becoming frayed or kinked.

When a device isn’t in use, the cable should be gently unplugged to avoid any unintentional tugs or yanks that might loosen or disconnect the cable.

To prevent the headphones from suffering further harm, the cable must be replaced as soon as it becomes frayed or damaged.

Your headphones’ lifespan can be increased and their ability to deliver high-quality sound for years to come with the help of effective cable management.

Storing the headphones

Over-ear headphones must be stored properly to maintain their performance and prolong their life. Direct sunlight, extremely high temperatures, or high humidity can harm the headphones’ internal parts, degrade the sound, and hasten their wear and tear.

When not in use, it is advised to keep the headphones in a protective case or pouch, preferably in a cool, dry location, to avoid this.

The headphones will be better shielded from dirt, moisture, and unintentional impacts as a result, lasting longer.

You can extend the life of your over-ear headphones and continue to enjoy high-quality sound for many years by using the right storage techniques.

Preventing wear and tear

Preventing wear and tear is crucial for the longevity and sound quality of over-ear headphones. Users should handle their headphones carefully and avoid subjecting them to sudden impacts or drops.

Additionally, when not in use, headphones should be stored properly in a protective case or pouch to prevent scratches or other damage.

Regular maintenance, including cleaning and cable management, is also essential to prevent wear and tear. By taking these precautions, users can extend the lifespan of their headphones and ensure that they continue to deliver high-quality sound for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are wired over ear headphones  better than wireless?
  2. Over-ear headphones that are wired typically have better sound quality and dependability than wireless headphones.
  3. Can I use wired over ear headphones  with my phone?
  4. Yes, you can use over ear headphones wired with most smartphones and audio equipment with a headphone jack or adapter.
  5. How do I clean mywired  over ear headphones ?
  6. Wipe the ear cups and headband of your wired over ear headphones gently with a damp cloth to clean them. Avoid getting water on the drivers or other electronic parts.
  7. What is the difference between open-back and closed-back headphones?
  8. While closed-back headphones offer better noise isolation and bass response, open-back headphones enable more natural sound and a larger soundstage.
  9. What is the average price range ofwired  over ear headphones ?
  10. Depending on the brand and features, over ear headphones wired can cost anywhere between $50 and $500 on average.
  11. How long dowired over ear headphones last?
  12. Wired over ear headphones can last for several years with proper care, but their lifespan is dependent on usage and maintenance.
  13. Can I replace the cable of my wired headphones?
  14. Many wired headphones have replaceable cables, making it simple to switch out worn-out or damaged cables.
  15. What is the difference between on-ear and over-ear headphones?
  16. When compared to over-ear headphones, which completely enclose the ear for improved comfort and sound isolation, on-ear headphones are smaller and sit on the ear.
  17. Do wired over ear headphones  have noise-cancelling feature?
  18. In order to provide a more immersive listening experience, some over ear headphones wired have noise-cancelling technology.
  19. Arewired  over ear headphones comfortable to wear for extended periods?
  20. Depending on the brand and model, over ear headphones wired can vary in terms of comfort, but many come with padded ear cups and headbands for prolonged listening sessions.


One cannot emphasize the advantages of utilising over ear headphones wired. The stability and dependability offered by wired connections are essential for audiophiles, musicians, and anybody who values excellent sound and noise isolation, despite the fact that wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular. Also, since they don’t require batteries or charging, wired headphones provide a convenient answer for extended listening sessions.

Furthermore, some people prefer wired headphones to wireless ones because they feel more secure using them. There is no need to sacrifice convenience or sound quality when you have the best wired  over ear headphones available from reputable companies like Philips, M-Audio, Oneodio, and ALABS. For the best listening experience possible, switch to over ear headphones wired right away.

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